Top 10 Best Website hosting New Zealand

It is the place where you can compare Top 10 Best Website hosting New Zealand as well as other features of web hosting companies. You can just click on the brand name to get full information. The best web host companies listed at this page. Some hosting companies are take Hosting service charge plus GST. Web host companies offer great discount to the customers time to time.

Gets Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Managed. We share List of top Hosting at cheap Cost. Shared WordPress Hosting, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated and Managed WordPress Hosting are available in New Zealand.

You can get hosting packages from the best Web Hosting Companies New Zealand.  You can compare web hosting price in New Zealand and for other countries. List of cheap hosting plans listed for the domain owner who is seeking for web host.

Top 10 Best Website Hosting 

New Zealand

Best Web Hosting Company Name List Start Plans
Instra USD 69.00/yr
Free Parking $149/yr
VPS Nine $108/yr
IT Itch $70.80/yr
007names $96/yr
Inspire Net $300/yr $228/yr
Open host $84/yr
net24. $180/yr
4mtm hosting $360/yr


Web hosting price depends on the features. So before buy hosting compare from the list given above. Compare features like bandwidth, disk space E-mail Accounts, SMTP, scripts, customer support and also advertising credit.